Policies & Procedures

Creating a positive workplace culture will not only attract good candidates, but it will also help an employer retain quality employee talent. Internal policies and procedures are an effective way of setting the standards and promoting a well-balance workplace culture.

Every business should have a Staff Handbook in their employment toolkit. Whilst not compulsory, a comprehensive Handbook is an effective way to inform staff of workplace policies and practices (what is and what is not acceptable). For new starters, a Handbook is a welcome introduction into your business and sets out management’s expectations for conduct and behaviour in the workplace. For existing staff, the Handbook is a valuable point of reference in the event a process is to be followed. Policies and procedures will be clearly set out providing step by step guidance for managers and staff to follow. There is no one-size fits all though – a Staff Handbook should be fit for purpose and tailored to meet the expectations for your business. If you’re not sure what policies or procedures to include in a Handbook, don’t worry, we have a helpful “Checklist” to identify the policies most appropriate for your business. Just submit a contact form on the right to request a copy.

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