HR Advice.

Management of staff is not an easy task by any means – for senior executives or HR managers it can often feel like a lonely place. Having to make decisions in the best interests of the business with often little or no support (or genuine understanding of how to proceed) can often lead employers to make rash, impulsive decisions which have the potential to expose the business to a grievance.

At Monsellier Law Employment we have reacted to feedback from clients and are pleased to offer our HR Advisory service. We appreciate that making difficult decisions and having difficult conversations is far from easy (particularly if you have a long-standing employee with whom you know professionally and personally). Yet, these decisions and conversations need to take place, if issues are ever to be resolved. So, to make life easier, we are happy to perform these difficult tasks on your behalf, keeping you at arm’s length from the situation.

But what’s our point of difference?

Well, to start with – we are employment specialists! This means that we can handle a matter right through from start to finish. We can simply take-care of the matter and manage its progress right through to a successful conclusion. No need for any additional costs or time-delay often associated with unnecessary duplication or reading into a file.

Secondly, we understand your business so already appreciate the challenges that you face (whether it’s resources, difficult personalities, industry requirements). This means that we can offer you the most appropriate, practical solution (whilst ensuring that your business remains complaint). No need for you to spend unnecessary time and cost repeating the same story over-and-over-again to different HR advisors. With Monsellier Law Employment, you only need to explain it once – making your time with us far more cost efficient and productive.