Employment Audit.

Whether you are starting a business for the first time, or have been in business for what seems ages, it is essential that employers have documentation which is up-to-date and relevant to each employee. With increasing fines and heavy penalties being levied against employers for incorrect documentation and poor record-keeping practices, Monsellier Law Employment is delighted to offer you an Employment Audit service.

This is a one-off service in which Emma and her team will sit down with you to review and audit all of your employment-related paperwork. Whether you have employment agreements, internal policies and procedures or just simple handwritten documents, an Employment Audit is the perfect way to make sure that your paperwork reflects the current laws and best practice. Once the Audit is complete, you will receive a detailed report setting out any concerns or areas for improvement, together with a list of recommendations and a next-steps process.

Pricing for this service is based on a fixed-fee. Please contact us for a fee quote.