Monsellier Law Employment has experience in all of areas of employment law and human resources

Employment issues are at the core of every business – whatever the industry, whatever the state of the country’s economy, to whatever the size of your workforce, staffing issues will always be at the forefront. So, handling those issues correctly is critical to a business’s success.

Often, employment issues are sensitive, complex and unique to a given situation or individual; these require well thought-out solutions which are not only commercially sensible for the business but are also appropriately handled for the employee concerned. All too often we see that the correct ‘legal approach’ is not always the best approach in terms of the given circumstances. For example, you may have an employee with learning difficulties, or someone which a tendency to show aggressive behaviour – trying to place them under a formal process requires a level of patience and understanding, that you may not ordinarily have to display for others. For this reason, it is essential that you engage an employment specialist that understands your business and fully appreciates the sensitivities that you may face when following a course of action.

Whether you are looking to recruit staff, increase staff retention, reduce headcount by restructuring or redundancy, resolve grievances, conduct formal proceedings or address matters that could be potentially contentious, Emma and her team are well-equipped to handle your situation.