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Whenever an issue arises at work, it can often seem like an isolating and daunting place to be. Yet, you are not alone – with the staggering rise in personal grievances against employers, and the number of mediation and Authority hearings forever on the increase, it seems that many employees are still not having their dignity and legal rights protected. If these issues go unaddressed, they will soon have a negative impact on your day-to-day work, your emotional well-being and will undoubtedly begin to impact on other areas of your life.

Do not delay in seeking advice or assistance.

Emma Monsellier has advised many employees – having attended formal meetings as a professional advisor or support person and advocated at mediation and Authority hearings – she has a track record for achieving carefully negotiated settlements with the least amount of stress to the employee.

We have the expertise and resources available to help you understand your employment rights and duties and to guide you on the right path for a swift and stress-free resolution. If an issue has arisen for you at work and you need immediate assistance, please click here to register your details.