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We have experience in all areas of employment relations and whether you need virtual assistance or in-person support, our team is on hand to provide you and your business support.



When was the last time that your employment documentation was reviewed? With regular changes in employment law and health/safety requirements, it is so....


Covid 19

Employers and employees must work together more now than ever to create a working environment that minimises the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce whilst preserving business continuity.


Health & Safety

Managing health and safety risks at work can seem daunting for a business owner. You need to begin by identifying the workplace risks before understanding how those risks impact the...


Human Resources

All businesses need an effective Human Resources function to manage the day-to-day staffing issues whether it is recruitment, onboarding, performance, misconduct, terminations etc...


Monthly Retainer Programme

If you require constant access to employment law or HR services, then a monthly retainer programme is perfect for your business. For a set monthly...


Policies & Procedures

Creating a positive workplace culture will not only attract good candidates, but it will also help an employer retain quality employee talent. Internal policies and procedures are an effective...


Redundancy & Restructuring

Organisational change is often embarked upon with trepidation; it is seen as a sign of failure. Yet, there are many commercial reasons why a business needs to...

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