Medical Exemptions Already Issued – Not Worth The Paper They’re Written On!!

In yesterday’s 1pm COVID-19 briefing, the Government announced a central process for approving medical exemptions is being established for workers who are required to be vaccinated under the mandatory vaccination orders – working in health, education, or the corrections sector. There will also be a similar process for people who need a vaccine certificate.
Details about the application process and the criteria under which people can apply will be publicised on the Ministry of Health website early next week. It will be a centralised process that will incorporate both applications for medical exemptions as well as those for a service delivery disruption.
In the interim, people who have been issued with paperwork that is intended to be such an exemption will still need to apply and seek a refund for this paperwork (if applicable).
The new central process will be the only valid process through which anyone can obtain an exemption either because they are required to be vaccinated under the Vaccinations Order or because they cannot be vaccinated for a medical reason and want that recorded in their COVID vaccination certificate when that becomes accessible.
We understand that there are a few complex issues that employers currently face. Feel free to contact our team for specific advice about your circumstances. We are more than happy to assist you in navigating your obligations during these unprecedented times.
By Shazreen Hussain